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  • Creating awareness and organizing seminars, workshops and training programs for different NGO's and the relevant authorities

  • Reaching the public with its speakers bureau, annual conferences, special events and outreach materials

  • Helping the NGO's based on their needs in the specific area of violence against the women and the aged persons

  • Conducting researches on the psychological and physical impact of violent crime on victims communities

  • Developing course materials and videos on violence against children, women and the aged persons

  • Encouraging the participation of women in issues relating to security, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding and motivating the children in the campaign for Human Rights

  • Proposing to give awards to the persons who exhibit extraordinary commitment in reducing the violence in their area of work

  • Conducting a legal education program for slum and rural women

  • CDEC India assisted Prof Richard Breyer of Syracuse University, New York for the production of the documentary film "Kasturi" - a young Indian actress.

  • CDEC India produced a documentary film "Enemy Within Us" on violence against women in India with the help of the HOSO Bunka Foundation, Tokyo, Japan in the year 1997. This film was screened in Amnesty International Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • On 2009,CDEC Trust has created an exclusive division in the name of KIDS Care Rehab Centre for focussing on Special Children rehabilitation.

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