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Senior Citizens Radio

Aims & Objectives

To establish community radio channel in Indian languages at various centers in the country as a part of SCoPE-through-Radio program of Vigyan Prasar(VP)

-CDEC India President, Dr.N.C.Rajamni

The following are the aspects:

1. It is podcasting and not community radio creation 

2. It is for senior citizens 

3. S&T and Health communication specially made for senior citizens

4. Identify a senior citizen home

5. Identify a community radio station to handhold the project 

6. Identify a mentor -specialised in radio 

7. Identify themes , topics and formats for the 104 programmes for each station 

8. Have at least 2 live interactive phone in programmes from each station per month .

9. Mentors be compensated for covering their incidentals 

10 . Delhi let it be IIMC and salaam namaste jointly share the load so that broadcast from 7 stations are possible 

11. Will be available on all podcasting platforms and will be uploaded onto vigyan Prasar website with i-radiolive platform as the base

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