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CDEC is a training provider for soft skills and technical skills needed for work.

CDEC provides a myriad of essential trainings that help enhance work performance, upgrade skills and take care of your bottom line. Invest in your more important assets - "Human resources" to ensure that your organisation grow by leaps and bounds.

Join the courses provided by one of the best training providers in Asia, CDEC because we care and we know your needs

Course Categories

1.Business, Technical, PR Writing Skills
2. Management Skills
3. Leadership and Supervisory
4. Sales /Marketing/Telesales
5. Negotiation
6. Influence and Emotional Intelligence
7. Presentation Skills
8. NLP Course
9. Finance and Accounting
10. Communication
11. Environment ,Safety and Health (ESH)/ISO/Quality
12. Personal Effectiveness and Productivity
13. Legal ,Risk and Business Management
14. Train the Trainer
15. Customer Service and Telephone Categories
16. Stress Management
17. Office Management
18. Project Management
19. Human Resource
20. Operation and Risk Management
21. Information Technology
22. Team Building
23. Coaching
24. Oil and Gas
25. Grooming and Course Categories
26. Learning Disabilities 

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