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Senior Citizens Channel

1 New Technologies connected with AI and IOT must be included for the welfare and media literacy of the Senior Citizens 

2 Health both Mental and Physical.

3 Food - how many times one should chew for easy digestion and also about  balanced diet

3 Comfortable shelter: Doors must be easy opening and closing

4 Financial literacy Informing them about various scams and make them alert always

5 Senior citizens wanted to speak a lot all the time 

Hence we can connect the active listeners  for their absorbing story telling 

6 Organising the platform for sharing their wisdom , their artistic skills and experiences

7How to cope up with the ageing and accepting ageing in a matured way of thinking

8 As female Senior citizens are living more than male Senior citizens , organising special and exclusive programmes for female senior citizens

9 Focusing more on the heart diseases related topics for men

10 Focusing more on the knee pains and problems for women 

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